We’re committed to delivering sustainable print solutions first and foremost because we’re all responsible for the planet. We can’t ‘leave it up to the government’ or think ‘it’s someone else’s job’. Taking our environmental impact seriously is the right thing to do.

We recognised this many years ago and we’ve been on our journey to lower our carbon footprint and lower our impact for 15 years. With every business decision we make we ask ourselves ‘how does this help us minimise our environmental impact?’.

Another reason we’re committed to doing our bit is that, by reducing our environmental impact, we help you and all our customers reduce theirs. We need to work together to make a difference, which means businesses need the help of their supply chain.

We recently launched our ‘eco-print promise’ (more about that here) because rather than keeping quiet about it, now’s the time to shout about sustainability and what we’re doing. Because there’s lots of momentum building – from within organisations, from campaigners, and from your own customers and clients. People want to know ‘what are you doing about protecting the climate’.

Sustainable print impact

So we thought, let’s make it easy for everyone to see what sustainability looks like for KNP in just the last year. And here’s what it does look like:

There. That’s 12 months in stats for you. We hope you feel positive about what we’re doing, and that you think the numbers are a worthwhile contribution. Because we do. We’re proud of them.

But there’s lots that goes in to creating those numbers. We’d love you to visit our Environmental page to find out what’s behind everything. The actions, the processes, the materials, everything.


And we’d also love (lot of love going on isn’t there) you to start a shared journey with us to reducing the impact we all have on the environment. Let’s talk about how we can help you and your business meet your sustainable print needs.

Just contact us and let’s do our bit together.