Magazines return to print

Hey, guess what? Turns out we’re all looking for a bit of digital detox! Cool magazines from the worlds of music and fashion, retail catalogues and local newspapers that all moved online only are making a print comeback! Yep, they’re bringing back the physical experience of engaging with something you hold, making paper part of the customer journey once again.

NME Magazine

One that we’re particularly happy to see is NME magazine. After five years doing its thing exclusively in the online world, the music legend that is back in print. Bringing you the best in music and pop culture with ultra-cool, highly desirable, slick bi-monthly editions. The return of an icon? Absobloodylutely! Fervently swiping through the pages to see what was happening, who were the next big thing, what was cutting it right now was special. It shaped who lots of us at KNP are. You just don’t get that looking at a screen.

Elle Magazine

Meanwhile, over in glitz and glamour land, Elle Magazine is strutting back onto the print scene down under after a four-year hiatus. Jane Huxley, the big boss at Are Media, says it’s all about escaping the “digital deluge.” The luxury set and the fashionistas want all the hard work of sifting through what’s relevant, and what’s not, done for them. And they adore the tactile, tangible experience of a gorgeous mag.

Boden Catalogue

Boden has revealed that scaling back on their catalogue played a significant role in delivering poorer results and so it’s blazing back in greater quantities.

Across the pond, retail icon Neiman Marcus is going all out with three versions of their catalogue, including a fancy hardcover for VIP shoppers.

Local Newspapers

Oh, and your local newspaper could soon be getting a makeover too! The Barnet Post is one example making a return to print. Having gone online only in March 2022, they’re back running 15,000 free copies each month.

So, there you have it. Print never went away, but whether it’s glossy pages, cool tunes, or local stories that’ll make you smile, it’s reasserting its place in our lives. You can read more on the above here.

Paper talk.

Together with the growing understanding of digital’s increasingly concerning carbon impact, which we’ll be talking about soon, going paperless might not be the best thing to do for you or your customers. So as more magazines return to print, paper could well deliver the sustainable, cut through impact you’re looking for.

Give us a call to talk about how print can engage your customers and help you stand out from your competitors.