P-P-P-Pick up a paper picker.

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Let's talk about good old, humble paper. Paper? It’s just a thing. “I’ll have a DM piece please.” “I’ll have a flyer please.” Job done. Well, not quite. What do you want – uncoated, silk, satin, gloss? That’s just for starters. What’s your print for? Do you need to show off images brilliantly? Is it intended to look premium? What

Speaking in Shanghai: a personal post from our MD, Dave

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I was at a Symposium Keynote last year and struck up a conversation with the chap sat next to me. We got talking about what I did, my background and what drives me on. I’ve loved every minute of hard work I’ve put in to make my own way, grow KNP and build long lasting client relationships. But I get

Print improves overall campaign effectiveness

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We’re in the print business, we believe in its ability to cut through, and how well thought out print helps brands get in front of their audience. But it’s not just us. Here’s some pretty robust evidence that shows how including print in your channel mix has a positive impact on campaign effectiveness and improves campaign ROI. #printing #directmail

We’ve upgraded our workflow through Heidelberg

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We’ve now invested in the new Prinect workflow and Tharstern MIS upgrades which we believe will give us a 10 to 15% improvement in productivity and also pave the way for our web-to-print portal which will be released in February this year. Our Studio Manager Dave Witherden has monitored Prinect since its launch and he’s delighted with the decision. Dave

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