Meet the Team: Neil Stones, Senior Client Support Manager

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It's been a couple of months since the last Meet the Team so surely it's time for another one? I can hear the pleading and begging so let's do this. Kettle on the boil? Biscuits ready? OK, we shall begin. The Team KNP member thrust under the spotlight this time is Neil Stones, our Senior Sales & Client Support Manager.

KNP announce new partnership with Norwich City FC

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KNP are completely over the moon to announce a new long-term partnership with Norwich City FC. Joining forces for three years, the agreement sees us as the official partner for the club. We'll be sustainably providing them with all their print requirements across marketing, gameday and hospitality. In return, from the 2024/2025 season you’ll see the KNP brand represented on

Meet the Team: Graham Taylor, Director of Sales

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We haven't done one of these in a while. So... let's Meet the Team shall we! And, drumroll please. The Team KNP member who drew the short straw this time is our Director of Sales Graham Taylor. Some say he's the gorgeous tasting filling in the KNP sandwich. Others say he's the favourite TV programme you can't get enough of

Clear varnish – adding a sustainable shine to your print & marketing

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In the constantly evolving world of print technology, there’s one finish (often over-looked) that plays a crucial role in enhancing the visual appeal of printed materials. And it’s clear varnish. It’s a bit of an unsung hero, but clear varnish adds a refined touch of sophistication, not just protection. It can turn ordinary print into impactful brand statements. Throughout this

7 myths about paper – let’s start with a clean sheet!

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Let's put the record straight on all the myths about paper. Myths are everywhere, aren’t they? We seem to love them just as much today as we ever did. From your legend type myths like the good old Loch Ness monster and Bigfoot. To more day-to-day myths like ‘go outside with wet hair and you’ll catch a cold’ or ‘we

Magazines return to print – hold the front page!

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Magazines return to print Hey, guess what? Turns out we’re all looking for a bit of digital detox! Cool magazines from the worlds of music and fashion, retail catalogues and local newspapers that all moved online only are making a print comeback! Yep, they're bringing back the physical experience of engaging with something you hold, making paper part of the

Online vs traditional printing

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Online vs traditional printing. What are the benefits and is one better than the other? It's something being asked more and more. Just to be clear, we don't mean digital printing vs traditional litho printing. We're talking about getting your job done with a printer you speak to. Or doing the whole thing online through a website without any contact.

Meet the Team: Ben Cox, Studio/Account Executive

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Lets do a bit of Meet the Team shall we! We've been quiet recently when it comes to shining a light on the wonderful people that make up Team KNP and it's about time we remedied that. So step forward out of the shadows Ben Cox, our new Studio/Account Executive. Want to know if he's a glorious bundle of joy

Stock Management – 6 reasons why KNP Imperium gives you superior control

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Efficient stock management is a key driver when it comes to effectively keeping costs under control. And when you're striving to minimise outgoings and maximise profit, keeping a lid on costs and cutting out waste is hugely important. KNP Imperium, our brand control and asset management tool, could well be just what you're looking for to help you remove waste

KNP Awarded Best Digital Printing Company

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You want to know the printers you work with are going to deliver top quality work on time don't you? Well, we've just been awarded Best Digital Printing Company 2023 by SME News in their southern enterprise awards. Yep, they've only gone and given us another one hot on the heels of awarding us Most Ethical Printing & Mailing Company

Ethical print & mailing business winners

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Here’s something we want to shout about. One, because we’re massively proud, and a good shout out makes everyone feel positive about their job doesn’t it. And two, because it’s something we think you’ll be interested to know about as it might help you with your business goals. So…. drum roll? Go on, why not! We’re chuffed to bits to

KNP acquire Ipswich-based Fuller Davies out of administration.

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We’ve got some more news for you about more exciting things taking shape at KNP. Technology moves at such pace these days. Business needs continue to evolve. And we know we can’t stand still. Because if we do, customers new or old won’t receive the best possible products and services. To make sure that doesn’t happen, we constantly look at

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