You’ve printed your materials using a litho or digital process. Next up it’s finishing. Whether it be embossing, debossing, laminating, applying a spot varnish, creating an unusual die-cut, being creative with how you crease & fold or applying foiling, finishing is what adds that extra special touch. Lets quickly go through some of those key finishing options and explain what they can do.

Embossing & Debossing

A way to make letters, words, shapes or a logo stand out. Both refer to the process of pressing into your paper, but from different sides. Where the pressing occurs, embossing results in a raised surface and debossing results in a sunken surface.


Matt, Silk, Gloss, Soft Touch and Anti Scuff are all options. Lamination is applied across your paper and it’s used to create a specific feel, from shiny and smooth (gloss) right through to soft and velvety (Soft Touch)!

Spot Varnish

Like all varnish, it shines! And it can be printed (on the litho press) in gloss, silk or a matt finish. Use
it to highlight words or images and make them stand out.

Quick look at finishing options:

  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Lamination
  • Spot Varnish
  • Die-Cutting
  • Foiling
  • Variable Foiling
  • Folding
  • Creasing
  • Perfect Binding
  • Saddle Stitching

On-demand Die-Cutting

Cut different shapes or interesting edges for the design of your print to create a more dynamic and engaging appearance. To help us continue to exceed our customer’s needs, and provide a comprehensive in-house service, we’ve have a state of the art Vivid VeloBlade on-demand digital die-cutting system. Whilst it might be called a die-cutting system, the VeloBlade doesn’t just die-cut. Integrating cutting with creasing and perforating tools, it cuts, creases and, guess what, perforates any shape or structure direct from your designs to easily finish a wide range of paper stocks and sizes. Including different sizes or thickness of paper, cardboard, rubber sheet or marking film. Which means we can help you create great looking and visually engaging marketing materials or collateral that deliver just the right impact you want to make.

What are your benefits?

The ability to combine all these processes in one piece of kit delivers a whole host of benefits for you.

More Speed

  • No physical die removes stages from the process and therefore reduces turnaround
  • However simple or complex, jobs can now be printed and finished on demand

Reduced Cost

  • No physical die means no set up cost of producing a die. That’s a big saving
  • And no cost of transporting the die from the maker

Increased Sustainability

  • A digital die means no resources such as metal or wood are used in the die cutting process
  • No transportation of the die from the maker to us, reduces the carbon footprint of the job

Creative Quality

  • More control and improved quality thanks to the precise digital cutting process
  • The ability to help you easily create unique and intricate products that deliver impact

The VeloBlade gives you a comprehensive and flexible end to end service, opening up more opportunities for you to wow your customers and prospects. And quickly.

Combining the finishing capabilities of the VeloBlade on-demand digital die-cutting system with our Xerox Iridesse digital printing press, means we can now print, die-cut and crease same day. Meaning ‘on-demand’ really did just become on-demand.

Variable Digital Foiling

Instead of using ink, use foil when you’ve got letters, words or a design and you want to draw attention to them. Foiling can be gold, silver or match to a pantone, and it’s most commonly used on a cover. But it doesn’t have to be, let your imagination go! We recently installed another new piece of kit a Vivid Matrix Metallic variable digital foiling machine that’s helping us produce high-quality print jobs for our clients that deliver real wow and much more impact.

And of course, that word ‘variable’ means you can do it with the option of personalisation if you need it! Plus, the Matrix Metallic offers single-sided lamination as well for business cards, flyers, book covers, greetings cards and much more.

Elevate your next campaign.

Fancy finding out a bit more about how we can help you dazzle your clients, prospects and audiences through wonderful finishing processes? And start your next campaign with a statement of intent that says ‘wow’? Give us a ring.

We’re proud of every job that leaves KNP. Have a look at the range of different jobs and finishes we’ve produced for our clients!


What can be finished on-demand:

  • Posters
  • Signage
  • Packaging & Boxes
  • Folders
  • Point of Sale
  • Labels & Stickers
  • Door Hangers
  • Coasters
  • Promotional concepts

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