Using eco-friendly door drops is a cost-effective way to target and recruit your new employees.

Hello! You’re on this page because you’ve seen the information we sent you on door drops as an effective alternative to traditional recruitment methods. And you’re interested. If you have got several vacancies currently, and you’re finding it difficult to fill the roles, this could be the start of you going down the right path.

With rising costs and the prospect of seriously chunky recruitment agency fees if you go down the usual route, getting the staff you need is a real headache isn’t it. That’s where door drops come in. Because they’re a cost effective alternative that’s working for plenty of businesses faced with the same challenge as you.

Why use Door Drops?

  • Our FREE demographic targeting tools allow you to precisely target the people you want to reach
  • Control and select the radius you want to target around your location – whether that’s distance or travel time
  • Engage one-to-one with people in their own home when they have time to consider your message
  • In a mainly digital world, physical door drops cut through today’s noise and create standout for your message and your brand
  • Our GPS tracking means peace of mind
  • Next day delivery is possible

Door Drop statistics

KNP | door drop stats

With over 27 million opportunities, door drops reach more households than almost any other broadcast media. So whether your recruitment challenge is national, regional or local, benefits like these make door drops such an effective channel.

You don’t just have to take our word for it though. Listen to what Royal Mail have to say about door drops as well.

And it’s all sustainable!

Everything we print is sustainable and eco-friendly:

  • we partner with the Woodland Trust plant to trees per every tonne of paper used
    • four trees planted for every one used in the process
  • everything is printed with vegetable-based inks to remove harmful chemicals from the process
  • everything is printed on sustainably sourced Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) accredited paper from responsibly managed forests
  • we recycle all printing plates, toner and lamination waste
  • our waste paper is taken away and recycled into packaging
  • we use solar energy to power our entire carbon neutral building
  • we’re FSC accredited ourselves
  • we’re ISO14001 accredited for our environmental management systems

“Yes please, contact me about door drops for recruitment”

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