Sustainability is really gathering pace now. And as its importance grows, the need for businesses to be more ‘eco’ friendly and sustainable is now crucial. It’s clear that if you don’t take steps to be more environmentally friendly yourself, you’ll start to lose out.

Consumers are demanding it of the brands they engage with, scrutinising not only what they sell but how they deliver it, asking:

  • What are you doing to become more environmentally responsible?
  • In what ways are you improving how you operate?

And as organisations develop their own environmental and sustainability credentials, business customers are demanding it of the suppliers they work with. They’re seeking out like minded partners committed to their environmental responsibility. With the aim of helping them on their journey towards reducing their impact and reducing their carbon footprint.

A 15-year journey so far…

For us, sustainability and eco print has long been central to what we do. So we’ve been on this journey for a long time. For over 15 years we’ve been working hard to continually reduce our environmental impact, knowing that if we do that, we help others reduce theirs.

Our team constantly look at every aspect of the print process and the wider business. And now, as a carbon neutral operation, it’s important we share our ethos and demonstrate our commitment through the services that we provide to our clients.

In developing our ‘eco-friendly’ print and mail solutions, we have the climate conscious products that meet your needs. And so we wanted to make this clear by crystalising everything we do into our promise to you.

Our Eco-print promise.

Our promise ensures that your communications and your campaigns have as minimal impact on the environment as possible. And you can continue to use print with confidence. Quite simply, you can be sure that every job we do for you will…

  • See the Woodland Trust plant trees for every tonne of paper used
    • for every one tree used, we’re planting four more
  • Be produced using solar power in our carbon neutral building
  • Be printed with vegetable-based inks that remove harmful chemicals from the process
  • Be printed on paper from sustainably managed forests that:
    • Protect animal habitats
    • Maintain biodiversity
    • Protect old growth trees
    • Ensure zero deforestation
    • Protect the rights of indigenous people
    • Ensure a fair wage
    • Ensure safe working conditions
  • Recycle any printing plates
  • Recycle any toner waste
  • Recycle any lamination waste
  • Recycle paper waste into packaging

Underpinning our promise is an important accreditation: ISO14001. But what does ISO14001 mean?

ISO14001.KNP | ISO 14001 environmental assurance certification

ISO14001 is the international standard for environmental management systems (EMS). It’s the principal standard specifying the requirements for the formulation and maintenance of an EMS. It’s what driver our processes which means it pivotal in controlling and reducing our environmental impact, and ensures legal compliance.

So far so good.

So far, we’ve helped raise £1.6m, contributed to the planting of over 520,000 trees, and captured over 100,00 tonnes of CO2 otherwise released into the atmosphere. That’s as heavy as 21bn sheets of A4 paper! But we want to do more.

If you’re serious about playing your part in slowing climate change. And committed to lowering your environmental impact, choose us as your print partner for your next print & mail campaign safe in the knowledge you have our environmental promise to you.

Contact us and let’s start a shared journey.

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