Let’s do our environmental bit together

What we do as a business and what our customers do as a business impacts on the environment. And our environmental responsibility is something we take seriously. We’re always considering the impact of our actions – the raw materials we use, suppliers we work with, our energy sources – and actively seek greener solutions that reduce our impact and help our customers reduce their impact.

To support our ambition to constantly improve our sustainability and reduce our environmental impact we’re ISO14001 certified. ISO14001 is the international standard for environmental management systems (EMS). It’s the principal standard specifying the requirements for the formulation and maintenance of an EMS. Meaning it helps control and reduce our environmental impact and ensures legal compliance.

KNP | ISO 14001 environmental assurance certification

Have a look below at some of the specific things we do to deliver sustainable print solutions. And then check out our eco-print promise to you.

KNP Our Environmental Commitment

Power Sources

600 rooftop solar panels provide enough energy (154,000 units) to power the entire building – all 28,000 sq.ft. To ensure none of that energy is wasted, all our lights are LED operated, using up to 90% less power than incandescent bulbs. And employee areas such as kitchens and break out areas operate on timers. Combined with our heating operating on a timer, we’ve delivered a dramatic decrease in our power usage. We’ve even returned 35,000 units to the grid.

And we’re delighted to say the place we call home is now carbon neutral!

A selection of the sustainable paper used at KNP

Sustainable Paper

All our paper is produced sustainably and sourced from responsible suppliers we hand pick due to their strong environmental credentials. Guaranteeing our paper stocks come from well-managed forests that adhere to strict environmental standards.

Minimising the carbon footprint of deliveries is also an important criteria in selecting our suppliers. Our primary paper supplier was selected not just for the quality of their stocks. Our decision was also based on them delivering the quality we need from a location less than 1 mile away.

Vegetable based printing ink sustainable print solutions

Vegetable Based Inks

We only use vegetable based printing inks, removing the use of harsh chemicals in the printing process. This decision has reduced our (IPA) alcohol usage on press to 3%, compared with a typical print industry figure of 12%. We’re currently in the process of testing IPA free on all our printing presses.

Litho printing plate


We recycle as many elements of the print process as possible, All metal printing plates used on our litho presses are recycled and chemically free. As are all toners and lamination film waste. We use several recycling points for paper, plastic and aluminium to reduce our employee’s footprint, with waste paper recycled through a company producing packaging.

An electric car charging point installed for KNP customers and staff


All our customers and staff have access to three electric car charging points we’ve installed. Alongside this, we actively encourage all our team to consider how they travel to and from work, including cycling. Or drive share where possible to reduce the number of car journeys.

Woodland Trust

We’re proud to be part of the Woodland Trust’s Carbon Scheme. This scheme saw us plant over 5,000 trees in 2018 and over 8,000 thousand in 2019. Capturing tens of thousands of tonnes of carbon that’d otherwise be released into the atmosphere. Checkout the Woodland Trust here.

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    KNP | ISO 14001 environmental assurance certification
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