Brand compliance & asset management

Your brand is your competitive advantage. And Imperium brand asset management plays a pivotal role in helping you maintain a strong, distinctive brand. Utilising Imperium ensures you maintain that advantage by helping you communicate your brand consistently whenever and wherever it appears. If you lose that consistent delivery, you lose your advantage.

Maintain control of your brand

Brand compliance is the process of ensuring all your business communications consistently maintain your brand identity by strictly adhering to brand guidelines. It ensures your look and feel, your content and your messaging remain ‘on-brand’. Even small irregularities in branding can dilute your brand integrity. Inconsistent, off-brand content is ineffective content. It can damage your brand reputation. If your branded content is regarded as disjointed, unprofessional or weak, what’s to say your quality, service or products wouldn’t be perceived the same way?

Brand compliance is even more difficult to achieve for businesses with multiple outlets or a branch network. Or where lots of employees across several departments are now spending more time working from home.

Imperium Brand Asset Management

A simple and cost-effective solution to controlling how your brand appears is to create a central repository available to all offices, branches or employees, wherever they. Enabling you to allow your network or offices to work independently whilst centrally maintaining control over:

  • Brand communications
  • Marketing & Direct Mail campaigns
  • Customer communications
  • Product literature & brochures
  • On-site collateral including: POS, Menus, Price lists, Fact sheets
  • Stationery
  • Marketing costs

Imperium brand asset management is a fully responsive central portal where you can share, and everyone can access, brand approved documents, templates, imagery or logos. Even team uniforms and approved promotional gifts.

Every item can have ‘locked fields’ which can’t be edited, and ‘open fields’ which can. This allows personalisation and local information to be added to brand aligned assets. What’s locked and what’s open is determined by you before it’s added to the Imperium brand asset management portal.

Once your employees, offices, branches edit and / or update your brand aligned marketing materials ready to distribute, they’re immediately sent to our 24/7 printing and distribution hub.

This process enables management to have full visibility of everything being used, ordered and produced. So you can ensure your brand is being maintained whilst your costs are being minimised.

KNP Imperium provides:

  • A secure white-labelled, branded portal dedicated to your business and teams
  • A customised set up where your collateral is categorised in the way that works best for you
  • Templating tools that allow users to build creative and dynamic brand compliant templates for both internal and customer facing material
  • Personalised customer communications – upload your database to automatically generate customised mailings
  • Automated workflows that ensure content is fully reviewed and authorised before being distributed
  • Multiple languages – twenty five different languages are built-in
  • Cost control by user/store/branch – set individual limits for each user or business unit
  • Full customised reporting and analytics. Administrators have full visibility of all material produced and the costs associated with them
  • Fully certified ISO 9001, 14001 and 27001, ensuring that your work is handled in the most quality controlled, secure and sustainable way

Imperium brand asset management benefits:

  • Brand control – maintain visibility of the quality and integrity of the content and communications being sent out
  • A centralised repository for all brand-compliant documents and images, enabling personalisation and print management at the touch of a button
  • Document amendments and design made easy with online secure and real-time proofing
  • Both national and international control with 25 different languages available
  • Full reporting and analytical functionality allowing you to control costs and plan budgets
  • Secure, ISO 27001 Certified and GDPR compliant

Your own virtual print & mail room

Complimenting the control over your brand, Imperium can also help you efficiently streamline your printing capabilities and cost base.

Due to remote working and advances in technology, on-site print rooms may now be an expensive luxury no longer required. Imperium provides you with a fully tracked, centralised virtual print & mail room. All staff, whether in an office, branch or at home can directly access Imperium to edit and dispatch any documents needing to be printed and mailed. Imperium handles everything, from a single letter to a complex monthly mailing with multiple addresses needing data cleansing and sorting. It also checks address positioning automatically, allows the user to select mailing class and then seamlessly processes the documents for mailing.

You even have the ability to set individual or departmental budgets to help keep printing expenses as low as possible. Imperium virtual print & mail room achieves economies of scale lost when operating from multiple locations due to:

  • staff using expensive printer materials for local office or home printers
  • failing to achieve bulk-mailing discounts

Giving you peace of mind knowing you’re using a fully secure, ISO 27001 (information security) certified and GDPR compliant product. You can have complete confidence your communications are being managed securely, cost effectively, and distributed to the highest quality.

A sustainable solution

Imperium also helps you minimise your environmental impact. With sustainability becoming a key focus in every sector and every business, ensuring your carbon footprint is minimised across multiple offices, branches, and employee’s homes is a new challenge facing many companies. With more remote workers printing at home, you face the following environmental challenges:

  • additional disposable materials are generated,
  • non-Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) materials are used,
  • multiple additional journeys to local Post Offices are made.

All of these sustainability challenges are removed when you use Imperium virtual print & mail room.

Control your brand. Control your costs. Control your process.

To ask for a demo and find out even more about how KNP Imperium can help you easily and effectively maintain your brand integrity and control your costs give us a ring.

Virtual print room benefits:

  • Sustainability – Home printers generate a lot of waste in terms of energy, disposables and non FSC paper
  • Control costs – Printing at home and in local offices can be expensive with additional materials toner costs and no bulk mailing discounts
  • Secure, ISO 27001 Certified and GDPR compliant
  • Document amendments and design made easy with online secure and real-time proofing
  • Increased productivity – employees can focus on core responsibilities and avoid spending too much time printing, inserting into envelopes, applying stamps and rushing to a post office at the end of a day.
  • Full reporting and analytical functionality allowing you to control costs and plan budgets
  • A 24 hour fully experienced Client Services and Operations team

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