Efficient stock management is a key driver when it comes to effectively keeping costs under control. And when you’re striving to minimise outgoings and maximise profit, keeping a lid on costs and cutting out waste is hugely important.

KNP Imperium, our brand control and asset management tool, could well be just what you’re looking for to help you remove waste and manage your stock – whether you’re a single or multiple site business, a company with offices or outlets nationwide.

And with an integrated virtual print & mailing room it can not only maintain your brand and manage your stock, it can take care of all your mailing for you, from letters and legal docs to all your marketing.

Six of the best stock management benefits

So let’s crack on at a rip roaring pace. Here are 6 pretty good reasons why KNP Imperium gives you what you need.

    1. CONTROL – By making KNP your centralised hub for stock management, you give yourself complete control as you effectively manage, monitor and maintain stock by calling off and replenishing items only as and when you need them.
    2. EASE – Minimise the stress, effort and pain of having to stock manage internally by letting our online Imperium portal stock manage for you.
    3. SEAMLESS – KNP’s in-house pick and pack operation, driven through Imperium, seamlessly ensures dedicated stock held items are picked, packed and delivered direct to location. Freeing up time for you to concentrate on what really matters to your business!
    4. SIMPLIFY – Maintain control of your stock on difficult occasions like events when items need to be delivered directly to an exhibition venue or even a specific stand. Meaning no more worrying about how to transport bulky items, making your journey and process that bit more comfortable.
    5. ACCURACY – Re-integrate any unused items and/or stock collected post event. We put them back into the stock managed facility for you, with stock counts adjusted accordingly. You quickly and accurately see an up to date picture.
    6. ON DEMAND REPORTING – Monthly/weekly/daily full management reporting of your stock holdings, as and when you want it.

Pretty compelling reasons why KNP Imperium can remove lots of time and effort usually demanded by the stock management process.

Find out about all the other ‘business brilliant’ things Imperium can do here. Or give us a shout to set up a time to talk or arrange a demo here.

And join an ever growing number of our clients who are driving down costs thanks to more effective stock management.