There are just over 3 weeks to go before B2B Marketing Expo 2021 takes place on the 16-17 November. The team are getting all excited because we’re going to be exhibiting. We’re fired up to be back at a live event again, face to face, in person. Come on!

And we’re doubly happy as we’ve got some awesome services and products to talk about that can really help brands, businesses, and organisations deliver growth whilst minimising our impact on the planet.

We’ll be there to talk about all things print because that’s what we do and we love it. You want to know anything at all, you just ask. But the two things we want to talk about are:

  • sustainable printing
  • KNP Imperium, our new brand compliance & asset management portal

Sustainable printing

The environment is something all of us are responsible for. We simply can’t afford to ignore that anymore, or leave it to others. So being a sustainable business has to be high on the agenda for every organisation right now. With consumers and other businesses consciously choosing products and services from brands who are taking action, if you don’t behave in a sustainable way your business will suffer.

For us, delivering sustainable printing solutions has been central to driving our business forward for several years. And by delivering print that’s more sustainable, we’re also helping our clients minimise their environmental impact. Because it’s not just about what you do, it’s about what your supply chain does as well.

So we’re going to be at B2B marketing Expo to share how we can help you too. If you went to check it out now, pop over to environment page.

KNP Imperium

KNP Imperium is our spanking new brand compliance & asset management portal that helps businesses address three constant challenges:

  • protecting their brand
  • controlling their costs
  • simplifying their processes

Do you face face those challenges? And can Imperium help you? Well, if you’re a business running global, regional or local marketing campaigns. Or you operate with multiple offices, a branch or franchise network. Or you now have more of your team working remotely, the answer is yes. Take a look at exactly how Imperium helps in more detail here.

B2B Marketing Expo

But let’s not forget we started by saying we’re exhibiting at B2B Marketing Expo. After you’ve had a look at how we deliver sustainable print. And how we can help drive your brand forwards whilst saving you time and money through KNP Imperium. Come along to the show and chat with us face to face on stand B2B-040. The show’s free to attend so why not click on the banner below and register now.

KNP | B2B Marketing Expo 2021 banner

We can’t wait to welcome you.