We’re exhibiting at B2B Marketing Expo.

It’s finally here. Well, next week – 16 & 17 Nov to be precise, but you know what we mean. It’s been two long years waiting for the show to take place and we’re delighted it’s now just around the corner.

So, if you’re attending, please make sure you stop by stand B2B-040. It’ll be a great use of your time because that’s where you’ll find our smiley happy faces. Don’t worry, as enticing as that sounds, that’s not the main reason you should visit us.

Here’s the main reason. We’ve committed to the biggest and most impactful stand we’ve put together at any show because of what we’ve got to offer and what we’ll be talking about. Come along to find out how we can really help your business grow through becoming more efficient and more effective. And in the right way for the environment.

To give you a sneak peek, so you know what you’re looking for on-site and you don’t miss us, here’s another CAD image of our stand. What do you think? Leave a reply to let us know if you want. We’re just a tad excited to say the least!

KNP | B2B Marketing Expo 2021 stand image 1

So anyway, at B2B Marketing Expo we’ve got two things we’ll be sharing that you can benefit from.

  • Our sustainable printing solutions
  • The launch our new Digital Brand & Asset Management platform that helps businesses protect, control & simplify what they do


Our sustainability story started 11 years ago. And today it’s something that’s just too important for businesses of any size to ignore. B2B Marketing Expo is happening just after the vitally important COP26 climate change conference (COP stands for Conference Of the Parties by the way. We looked it up!). Let’s hope the focus on sustainability right now continues and COP26 is a turning point.

For the last decade our own impact on the environment is something we’ve taken seriously. Throughout that time we’ve continued to look at how we can minimise that impact. The premises we’re in, the equipment we use, the materials we consume, the actions and behaviour of the team. Everything. We’ve continuously sought greener solutions that reduce our impact.

And here’s the significant thing. If we reduce our environmental impact, we help our clients reduce theirs as well. We can help you reduce yours.

Why, because whilst more organisations are taking steps to improve their sustainability, or are looking at their own operations, helping the environment is more than that. To have an effective sustainability plan, your supply chain has to be sustainable as well.

We’ll be ready to talk with you on-site about the best way to help you reduce your impact on the environment whilst maintaining your marketing communications. But you can see what efforts we’re making and what actions we’re taking here as well.


This is the other exciting thing we’ve got to shout about. And something that you and your business can benefit from. Imperium is your own digital brand & asset management platform. A portal your whole team can access from wherever they are that enables you to protect your brand, control your costs and simplify your processes.

Whether you’ve got people working remotely, a branch network, or multiple offices, Imperium is the efficient and effective way to drive your business forward.

All your marketing materials and assets can be located in one central hub. You have the ability to grant permissions to people, allow different levels of access, control what can and can’t be edited. Your brand is protected and consistent delivery is guaranteed.

It’s also your own virtual print room. Rather than run lots of local printers and use lots of consumables across your multiple locations, everything can be sent through to a single print hub. And compared with the inefficiency of multiple local printers and materials, that delivers savings. Get more of an understanding here before you chat to us. Imperium is designed to be flexible so it’s going to be perfect for you, whatever your needs.

There you go! That must have whetted your appetite. So please, come on over, say hi, and let’s start chatting about how we can help you become more effective, more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

B2B Marketing Expo is FREE

It can feel like a day or two out of the office to attend an event isn’t always the best use of your time when you have so much to do, but this will be. Honest! Attending the show is free. And you can register here, it’s nice and easy.

Remember, stand B2B-040. That’s where we’ll be waiting to say hi.