We’re in! We’ve just moved in to our new KNP office in the Midlands, Nottingham to be precise. And I must say, it’s looking pretty damn good to be honest.

Located in Commerce Square in The Lace Market, the place is pretty cool, contemporary, and in a trendy part of the city. Where else would you expect a forward looking, sustainable printer like us to be? Don’t answer that!

We’re co-habiting in this top office space with lots of other* interesting and thriving businesses, creative, and designers. It’s got a real energy about it and there’s plenty on offer for us and all our fellow businesses.

(*Note the use of ‘other’. You know, to indicate we’re thriving and interesting, it’s not just the rest of em!)

Why a new KNP office?

The reason we’re here is because we’re continuing to expand our client base, especially in the Midlands, and we’ve outgrown our previous regional office. We needed something different, something with more services and facilities, and something that better reflects what we’re about.

Geographically Nottingham is a key location for us with first class transport links and whilst looking carefully for somewhere that still allowed us to offer exactly the same high standards of service, we also wanted to be amongst hungry, dynamic companies we could support and help grow in a buzzing and open environment. And I think we’ve found that here.

It offers us what we need

Everything about the place is “social” which is spot on. There’s a fun, vibrant attitude, a bar for after work drinks so we can build stronger relationships with clients and get to know our fellow tenants. A wide range of meeting spaces and private meeting pods we’ll be taking advantage of, relaxing breakout areas and they even put on a movie night once a month. Awesome!

KNP | Midlands officeKNP | Midlands office meeting roomKNP | Midlands office meeting pods

Our newly appointed Director of Sales, Graham Taylor will base himself out of the office and we’ll also have Chris Chell there, along with space for the rest of the team to pop in, including new starter Josh Brookes. In fact, Graham has already done the “Hello, my name’s Graham and I’m a digital printer” thing. He’s also made sure he’s shared our sustainability credentials and let everyone know about our eco-print promise.

So at a busy time for us as we expand our offering and continue to see lots of growth in our litho print, digital print, digital asset management and virtual print services, it’s going to be a great place from which we can better support our existing clients in the Midlands and North and help us build strong relationships with new ones.

Next day delivery anywhere in the UK is no problem and our clients will see the real benefit of this. We’re excited about this new development as it makes KNP’s proposition even stronger. If you want to talk to Graham to find out more, give him a shout on 07956 639703. He might say “digital printer, Nottingham”, but he’s not a robot, he’s actually a really good bloke.

Onwards and upwards!

KNP | Midlands office social area