We’re excited again. Because we recently installed another new piece of kit. A variable digital foiling machine that’s already helping us cost effectively deliver high-quality print jobs for our clients. The kind of jobs that deliver real wow and much more impact for them.

Variable digital foiling – pushing print boundaries.

You might have read a previous blog post about our new Xerox Iridesse digital production press. Or you might not, but don’t tell us if you haven’t because we might cry. Anyway, the Iridesse has turned digital print into a must use, not just a cheap option for quick turnaround. Well, now we’ve added a Vivid Matrix Metallic variable digital foiling machine, and together they allow you to push the boundaries of what can be achieved to create dazzling print. And of course, that word ‘variable’ means you can do it with the option of personalisation if you need it!

The Matrix Metallic allows you to apply digital foil and special effects to not only non-textured paper but textured as well. Techie bit: Thanks to the texture of the rollers and pneumatic pressure control (oh yes!), the foiling can get deep into the surface of uncoated paper, not just coated, to deliver a consistent, perfect finish.

What’s that mean for you?

Simple, you can now get a high-quality consistent finish across a much wider range of paper. Creating more ‘knock their socks off’ occasions.

There’s more stuff of course. There’s anti-curl technology (we love a new term) to ensure everything comes out without any curl or uplift. And the Matrix Metallic offers single-sided lamination as well for business cards, flyers, book covers, greetings cards and much more.

We call the Xerox Iridesse our magic maker. This is our dazzle deliverer. Since installing g it, we’ve already been making magic and delivering dazzle with our customers to help them take their print communications and business collateral to the next level.

Kick start your next campaign.

Fancy finding out a bit more about how we can help you dazzle your clients, prospects and audiences? And start your next campaign with a statement of intent that says ‘wow’? Give us a ring.