With our Xerox Iridesse digital printer at your disposal, your new normal now means more. More choice, more value, more creativity, more wow. All of which equals more sales.

You might have previously seen us tease and then announce the fact we installed a brand spanking new Xerox Iridesse digital printer and became an official Xerox Premier Partner. One of only 22 in the UK. And now it’s ready to do it’s stuff!

The Iridesse has settled in nicely and it’s purring like the queen of contented cats in Contented Catsville, ready to unleash its awesome capabilities. So your new normal is something worth getting excited about. Maybe not as excited as us. As we’re printers who love the techie stuff, and just what this gorgeous new beast of a machine can do, we were always going to get ‘over the top’ excited. But never mind that, we think you’ll get a teeny, tiny bit excited as well when you find out just how the Iridesse can transform marketing materials, giving you the options you’ve long wanted but haven’t been able to achieve. Until now.

Maximum creativity with the benefits of digital.

If the Iridesse landed not too many years ago, people would say “What is this witchcraft? What sorcery lies beneath to create such masterful magic?” And we mean magic. The Xerox Iridesse allows you to realise your creative ambitions whilst maximising the benefits of a digital printing press. You can now combine the value digital is known for:

  • personalisation,
  • variable data (text or graphics),
  • short runs,
  • cost-effectiveness,
  • quick turnaround

with speciality effects in the same run. And that single pass is an important step forward. As your work doesn’t need to go through the press more than once, it ensures you get a much tighter registration and higher quality result.

Speciality finishes for more wow.

The progress contained within the Iridesse finally makes it easy to accurately bring your creativity to life and wow your customers.

Speciality finishes such as varnishes and foiling create eye-catching marketing communications or printed materials that help you deliver the right impression. But likewise when printing gold or silver, which can also be problematic, these finishes previously came at a cost.

The Iridesse changes that. You can now combine four-colour imagery with two speciality inks including:

  • Gold,
  • Silver,
  • Metallic hues,
  • White,
  • Clear,
  • Fluorescent pink

Yep, clear ink. And white ink. Watch what people think about the colour white in print.

Real metallic effects, used on their own or layered over conventional four-colour print, deliver stunning iridescent colours that create more ‘wow’. And using white ink now means you can unlock more choice by selecting wonderful colour board and print over the top! Creating new opportunities for unique designs and delivering a brilliant, precise finish.

Xerox Iridesse printed multicolour face

And of course clear ink or metallics, when used as a spot colour over text or graphics, create a stunning effect. Even when these areas are personalised!

Want to use more than one spot colour speciality effect? No problem.

Want to cost-efficiently achieve more impact through results driving speciality effects? No problem.

Want to digitally print gold, or digitally print silver? No problem.

You can find out more about the Xerox Iridesse digital printer and watch some amazing videos on Xerox’s site if you’d like. Doesn’t it sound like a thing of beauty that delivers brilliance to fit your budget.

Environmental impact.

And, and, and! All this magic has another huge benefit. We do a lot to minimise our impact, and therefore our customers impact, on the environment. From sustainable papers and vegetable inks to our partnership with the Woodland Trust, recycling and solar power, we work hard to deliver sustainable print solutions. Installing the the Iridesse sees us make even more improvements. The technology packed inside requires less heat and therefore reduces our energy consumption. It’s also more efficient with both the amount of paper and ink used. So it’s really helping us as we constantly look at how we can be more sustainable and reduce our carbon footprint.  Take a look at the figures:

KNP | Environmental impact of new Xerox Iridesse

The future. Garlic bread? No, it’s the Iridesse.

Take advantage of ‘more’.

All this amounts to moving digital print from a basic option to an absolute must. I’m sure now it all makes sense why we’re so excited about what we can do for you.

We’d love to talk to you and show you just how damn brilliant the Xerox Iridesse digital printer is. And how it can really help you create more impactful printed materials and marketing communications that deliver more return on your investment.

Get in touch to chat about your new normal meaning more.

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