I was at a Symposium Keynote last year and struck up a conversation with the chap sat next to me. We got talking about what I did, my background and what drives me on. I’ve loved every minute of hard work I’ve put in to make my own way, grow KNP and build long lasting client relationships. But I get a real kick out of motivating young entrepreneurs and helping them understand how they can be successful business leaders whilst still being good and nice. It was this that struck a chord. The chap sat next to me said he found my passion and my story inspiring. And he wanted me to share my story again, this time with the young people who’d be the next leaders in his business and market. So here I am. In Shanghai, China where I’m talking at the People’s University of China and today Fudan University. And hosting entrepreneurs and young leaders at JP Morgan, where the chap I sat next to works at a very senior level. Being myself, being honest and passionate about what I live and breathe has created an exciting opportunity and who knows what it could lead to. You never know who you’re sitting next to. But you should always be yourself.