Let’s talk about good old, humble paper. Paper? It’s just a thing. “I’ll have a DM piece please.” “I’ll have a flyer please.” Job done.

Well, not quite. What do you want – uncoated, silk, satin, gloss? That’s just for starters. What’s your print for? Do you need to show off images brilliantly? Is it intended to look premium? What weight do you want: 120gsm, 350gsm? “What’s the difference?”

Answer those kinds of questions and we’re starting to understand what you want your printed piece to achieve. There’s still more to it when you want to talk about finishing and what makes your print stand out, but for now let’s stick with paper.

Us KNPers care about adding value and offering honest advice so you find the right paper solution for your print. Wherever we can. So asking the right kind of questions is vital in you getting the print you want, the way you want, to deliver the impression you want.

But if you get asked these questions by us, or anyone else, and you don’t know the difference between gloss and uncoated for example, especially how different they feel. Or exactly how much thicker does 350gsm paper feel than 120gsm, it’s hard to say what you want isn’t it?

So how about a simple and free bit of help?

How about being able to touch, feel and compare the different paper stocks comfortably and easily at your own desk. Before you get in touch with us to talk about a real live job. How about your own paper picker then?

KNP paper picker spread out

Give us a bell today and we’ll send you a free, specialist, KNP paper picker straight away. Featuring gloss, silk and uncoated paper stocks and ranging in weight from 80gsm to 350gms, they’re a great tool to help you select the paper you need. So you’ll already know the feeling you want your target audience to have, and the tangible advantage paper delivers when it comes to engaging your audience, before you talk about your job.

Making things quicker and easier for you. Nice!