Many businesses are beginning to see a definite path out of what’s been, quite honestly, an ‘annus horibilis’. The lifting of lockdown restrictions and the forthcoming roll out of vaccines may encourage you to begin promoting your business more widely once more. And if you’re looking to get on the front foot with a January promotional message, there’s still time to implement a door drop campaign to generate increased awareness or drive website traffic. You just need to know the Royal Mail door drop delivery dates.

You’ll need to be agile and move quickly, that’s true. But it’s doable, and we can help you do it.

This week you can still book door drops for w/c 28.12.20 and of course into January, but your ability to deliver bulk print supplies is crucial to the planning cycle. That’s where we can help you the most.

Royal Mail door drop delivery dates

The dates below are taken from Royal Mail’s door to door bulk supply guidelines. And the dates shown in bold are the deadlines for the delivery of printed material into their depots.

  • W/c December 28th distribution – Friday December 11th
  • W/c January 4th distribution – Wednesday December 16th
  • W/c January 11th distribution – Monday December 21st
  • W/c January 18th distribution – Wednesday December 30th

Supplies can be delivered in advance, but they’re the latest you can deliver them if you want your door drops to land during the above highlighted weeks.

So, if you are thinking about distribution in the first few weeks of January, the best practical advice is to deliver supplies pre-Christmas.

Dont forget the printing!

And remember your door drops need to be printed! So you’ll need to have the artwork and data ready in advance of the dates above. We can’t give you a definite answer here but, depending on the number of pages, paper, quantity, delivery destinations, allow around 5 days for printing and delivery. Could be less, talk to us and we’ll be able to tell you for sure.


If January is too late and you still want to get in front of your target audience this year, don’t worry. We can also offer pre-Christmas distribution through other suppliers with later stock delivery dates.

So, hopefully having those dates in your mind helps you plan your next door drop. Please feel free to get in touch, and let’s have a chat about how can help to make this happen for you.

Finally, remember, door drops have always been an engaging medium that allows you to reach targeted households, but today’s increased work from home audience have greater levels of engagement with door drop items.