2020 brings a new start for all of us. And its therefore the perfect opportunity for KNP to conduct our business with a new level of responsibility. Through more sustainable print solutions.

A recent survey by Kantar UK has made it pretty clear that businesses need to address the environmental impact of their actions. As if any more evidence were needed. The headline findings should leave us all in no doubt of that. Consumers overwhelmingly believe brands have a responsibility to act:

“More than 70% of UK consumers agree that the response from businesses to tackling the environmental damage to our planet is “too little, too late”. With that figure rising to 78% among millennials.”

Almost 80% of consumers say they’ve switched or boycotted buying products in the last year due to a brand’s environmental reputation. Or are thinking of doing so.

And almost 90% agree brands need to take more responsibility. For the waste their products create and the impact it has on the environment. Unsurprisingly, plastic is the top environmental concern.

For a business to minimise their environmental impact, the supply chain partners they work with play a critical role. Without doubt, the integrity and conduct of suppliers is today, just as important as the quality and service offered. Brands that don’t work with ethical and environmentally conscious partners will struggle to exist.

Doing it right, getting it right.

We’re a family run business. And how we behave says so much about who we are. Since day one we’ve always believed there’s a right way of doing things. And it’s that belief that governs our conduct and sets our standards.

We pour our passion and commitment into helping our clients reach their target audiences through the right integrated print and mailing solutions. It’s an approach that’s seen us build a reputation for quality, reliability and long-term relationships.

Sustainable print solutions.

And it’s our belief in doing things the right way which means we know we have a responsibility to minimize our impact on the environment. And help our customers minimise theirs.

So we’re always considering the impact of our actions. From the raw materials we use, suppliers we work with and our energy sources, we actively seek more sustainable print solutions. I’d like to share with you some of the actions we’ve taken and decisions we’ve made. All to be a more environmentally conscious business.

Power Sources

Over seven years ago 400 rooftop solar panels were installed. They’ve been providing enough energy to power our entire building – 28,000 sq.ft – ever since.

To ensure none of the energy we generate is wasted inside the building, all our lights are LED. Which use up to 90% less power than incandescent bulbs. And employee areas such as kitchens and break out areas operate on timers. Combined with our heating operating on a timer, we’ve delivered a dramatic decrease in our power usage.

Sustainable Paper

All our paper is sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified companies. Guaranteeing our paper stocks come from well-managed forests that adhere to strict environmental standards. Visit the FSC here to learn more.

Minimising the carbon footprint of deliveries is also an important criteria in selecting our suppliers. Our primary paper supplier was selected not just for the quality of their stocks. Our decision was also based on them delivering the quality we need from a location less than 1 mile away.

Vegetable Based Inks

We only use vegetable based printing inks, which removes the use of harsh chemicals in the printing process. This decision has reduced our (IPA) alcohol usage on press to 3%, compared with a typical print industry figure of 8% – 10%. And we’re currently in the process of testing completely IPA free inks on all our printing presses.


We recycle as many elements of the print process as possible, All metal printing plates used on our litho presses are recycled and chemically free. As are all toners and lamination film waste.

We have different recycling points for paper, plastic and aluminium. And all waste paper is recycled through a company that converts it into recycled packaging.

Woodland Trust partnership

We’re proud to be part of the Woodland Trust’s Carbon Scheme. This scheme saw us plant over 5,000 trees in 2018 and over 8,000 thousand in 2019. Capturing tens of thousands of tonnes of carbon that’d otherwise be released into the atmosphere. Checkout the Woodland Trust here.


We’ve installed an electric car charging point for customers and staff, with a second being installed in 2020. And we encourage all our team to drive share to and from work, reducing the number of car journeys.

Let’s do our bit together

We want to do our bit by delivering sustainable print solutions. Which helps our clients do their bit. Lets chat about how we can help you minimise your environmental impact. Just drop us an email or give us a call and we’ll take it from there.