More speed, lower cost, increased sustainability. That’s what our customers are looking for. We recently installed a brand spanking new Xerox Iridesse digital production press, our very own digital magic maker. You might have seen us get all excited about it (if you haven’t, check it out here. Go on, you’ll see how it delivers more choice, value, creativity and wow for you). But when we say #WelcomeToMore we mean loads more. We haven’t stopped there. To further meet our customer’s needs, and provide a more comprehensive in-house service, we’ve just introduced the Vivid VeloBlade, our new on-demand digital die-cutting system with smart technology.

What can it do?

Now, whilst it might be called a die-cutting system, this thing doesn’t just die-cut. Oh no, it does far more super stuff than die-cutting alone. Integrating cutting with creasing and perforating tools, it cuts, creases and, guess what, perforates any shape or structure direct from your designs in a single pass. Nifty eh? This beauty can finish a wide range of stocks and sizes in its sleep. You want to use different sizes or thickness of paper, or cardboard, rubber sheet or marking film, no problem. Which means this incredibly versatile bit of kit can help you create great looking and visually engaging:

  • Posters
  • Signage
  • Packaging & Boxes
  • Folders
  • Point of Sale
  • Labels & Stickers
  • Door Hangers
  • Coasters
  • Promotional concepts

But what are your benefits?

Lots let me tell you. The ability to combine all these processes in one piece of kit delivers a whole host of benefits for our customers.

More Speed

  • No physical die removes stages from the process and therefore reduces turnaround
  • However simple or complex, jobs can now be printed and finished on demand

Reduced Cost

  • No physical die means no set up cost of producing a die. That’s a big saving
  • And no cost of transporting the die from the maker

Increased Sustainability

  • A digital die means no resources such as metal or wood are used in the die cutting process
  • No transportation of the die from the maker to us, reduces the carbon footprint of the job

Creative Quality

  • More control and improved quality thanks to the precise digital cutting process
  • The ability to help you easily create unique and intricate products that deliver impact

High quality, cost effective, quick as a flash.

When we say #WelcomeToMore, we really mean it. Adding the VeloBlade to our offering instantly gives you a more comprehensive and flexible end to end service, opening up more opportunities for you to wow the pants off your customers and prospects. And quickly.

Combining the finishing capabilities of the VeloBlade on-demand digital die-cutting system with our Xerox Iridesse digital printing press, means ‘on-demand’ really did just become on-demand. No messing. We can now print, die cut, crease same day.

So if you need a folder for a presentation, meeting or event, or want to deliver something in an impressive box to impress a target customer, we can deliver for you quick as a flash. Even if you only need a few. What makes it even better, you only pay for what you need. If you only want 10, all individually personalised, and you need them asap, you’ve got it.

With so much potential to deliver impact quickly, cost-effectively and sustainably, why wouldn’t you? The little beauty is ready and waiting to go, give us a shout.

KNP, we’re more than just print.