We’ve constantly responded to the needs of our clients throughout the coronavirus pandemic. That’s because KNP has been built on always doing what we can, when we can. So as more and more of us return to a new normal, we want to make sure we do our bit, and we’ve been looking at how we can help customers create safer environments.

Which is why we’re now official UK distributors of the Shieldplus Antimicrobial Cleaning System. A hygiene protocol effective in the fight against coronavirus.

Shieldplus Antimicrobial cleaning system is highly effective.

Shieldplus is an antimicrobial nanotechnology protection. A permanent, durable coating is applied to surfaces and attaches for up to 90 days.

How Shieldplus worksThe coating attracts, pierces, deactivates and electrocutes bacteria or viruses on contact, including coronavirus.

It functions differently to conventional antimicrobials that leave the surface and chemically enter or react with micro-organisms, acting as a poison. Initially effective, these are depleted in the process and may encourage the micro-organism to mutate or become immune. They’re also environmentally harmful.

Scientifically proven to be effective against the coronavirus.

Shieldplus Protect

Offers multi-surface antimicrobial protection. Water-based technology forms an invisible, protective layer delivering a unique antimicrobial barrier that kills bacteria and viruses immediately on contact, including the coronavirus. A light spray offers effective protection for up to 90 days and it’s safe for use on fabrics and hard surfaces.

Shieldplus Laundry

Brings all the 90 day antibacterial and antiviral benefits of Shieldplus Protect to the washing cycle, together with the added benefit of an integral fabric conditioner. Shield Plus Laundry adds a new level of cleanliness to your laundry: clothes, towels, sheets, pillowcases etc.

Where can Shieldplus help?

The Workplace

The coronavirus pandemic, especially in open offices and shared workstations, has created the need to minimise the spread of harmful bacteria. Here are some reason why:

  • More than 10 million germs are located around the average workstation, inc. seating.
  • 72% of people go to work despite being sick.
  • 80% of infections can be transmitted by touch.
    • Workers in open plan offices take 63% more sick days than those in private offices.

Hospitality & Healthcare

Hospitality and healthcare environments are frequented by many people. Providing guests or patients with a clean and secure environment enhances their experience and wellbeing, whilst also bringing a feeling of comfort and safety to staff. Shieldplus helps you minimise health risks by instigating a hygiene protocol and protecting fabrics.


It’s essential that the facilities offered to pupils and students while they learn and socialise create the safest environment possible. Using Shieldplus on equipment, desks and doors provides an effective and durable anti-microbial barrier, reducing infection.

What are the Key Features & benefits?

  • Bonded – Resilient to high temperatures and abrasion.
  • No Migration – Won’t pass into the environment or transfer to other articles or skin – no “zone of inhibition”.
  • Variety of end uses – Can be applied to varying surfaces.
  • Active Hygiene – Controls the development of dust mites by destroying fungi necessary in the dust mite’s food chain.
  • Tried and tested – No arsenic, heavy metals, polychlorinated phenols.
  • Mechanical deactivation – Does not induce microbial mutation or bioaccumulation.
  • Effective Quality Control – A simple test is available to detect the presence of the anti-microbial.
  • Unmatched safety profile – Not harmful to humans and the environment.
  • Not a chemical poison
  • Odourless and colourless

We’re pleased and excited we’re new UK distributors of the Shieldplus Antimicrobial Cleaning System. It’s one more way we can help provide our customers with the solutions they need to achieve their goals. And right now, trying to do that whilst feeling as safe as possible is the most important thing.

Get in touch if you’re interested to find out some more or talk in more detail. Link to contact page.