We’re chuffed to bits to share with everyone that Tony Humblestone is moving into a newly created role as KNP Ambassador. Having an ambassador who spends all their time with our clients to build stronger relationships by making sure they’re getting what they need from us, share with them how we’re constantly moving forward, and find out how we can better service them is central to our future plans.

The industry is changing, the sectors our customers are in are changing, and we’re changing. Over the past 12 months, even though it’s been a tough trading period for the economy, we’ve continued to invest in our production capabilities to make sure we have the latest tech available and offer our customers the very best. Being in a position where we have someone dedicated solely to maintaining and improving customer relationships is the next phase in our plan. A phase focused on building long lasting, trusted partnerships through excellent customer service.

KNP Ambassador material

And Tony’s a tailor made fit. Ambassador Humbles (trust me, he’s loving it) has been with KNP for over 14 years. He joined when we were making our way in the print business and, dedicated to helping make KNP a success, he’s grown with us. He’s well and truly family.

His commitment, his print knowledge and his warm, friendly personality are what KNP are all about. Quite simply he’s a damned good person who’s vastly knowledgeable and 100% committed. He embodies the KNP culture, values, ethics and family ethos.

Getting out & about

In his new role as KNP Ambassador he’ll be getting out and about and spending time with our clients and friends, asking questions and listening to the answers. OK, so to begin with it’s more likely you’ll speak with Tony over the phone or see him on a Zoom or Teams call. But when things begin to open up again in the not-too-distant future, Tony will be getting out and about. You know, face to face. At your offices or at events! Remember that? Oh, it’s going to be glorious.

So please, join us in wishing Tony all the best in his new role. If you want to have a chat already, feel free to get in touch. He’s on 07702 886459 or tony@knplitho.co.uk

And when you next see him, Ambassador Humbles might even bring the odd Ferrero Rocher or two if you’re lucky… See what we did there!