Our name’s KNP and we’re an FSC® certified printer (C155775). There, said it!

As we’ve been on a 15 year journey to lower our environmental impact we haven’t done too much shouting about it (OK, we might have once or twice, but not as much as we should have done). But we’re extremely proud of what it means to be an FSC certified printer, because we constantly work hard to make sure we’re always sourcing the right paper options for all our customers. And that doesn’t just mean different types. It means everything from where they come from and how they get to us.

Which makes it important to explain exactly what our FSC certification stands for. And what being an FSC certified printer means, not only for our business but for yours too.

As well as offering you a wide range of different paper stocks and types to meet a whole host of needs, from gloss, silk and matt to specialist papers (we even source seeded paper!), all our paper stocks are from FSC managed forests, ensuring we do what we can to reduce our environmental impact. And if we reduce our impact on the environment, we help you reduce yours.

By setting out everything involved in FSC accreditation we’ll hopefully help you better understand the positive choice you’re making when printing with us.

So are you ready? Let’s make sure you can see both the wood AND the trees, and everything becomes clear (if it isn’t already of course).

What is the FSC?

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) is an international, non-governmental organisation (NGO) which exists to promote responsible management of the world’s forests. It’s been around for over 25 years and right now there are over 200 million hectares of forest certified to FSC standards across the globe.

The work the FSC does allows businesses and individuals to purchase and use products made with materials from well-managed forests and recycled sources. This doesn’t just apply to paper in fact, but also wood, rubber, cork, textiles and more.

And the impact of the FSC goes beyond just the environment. When we source our paper from FSC sustainably managed forests, we’re playing our part in adhering to a number of social and economic standards. Standards that ensure supply chain integrity and economic viability, and help benefit the lives of local people and workers.

Printing on FSC accredited paper from sustainably managed forests does the following:

  • Protect animal habitats
  • Maintain biodiversity
  • Protect old growth trees
  • Ensure zero deforestation
  • Protect the rights of indigenous people
  • Ensure a fair wage
  • Ensure safe working conditions


Our certification holds us accountable to strict standards when it comes to our own environmental policies and procedures. From how we process waste to how we package your orders, everything is taken into account. As part of our certification, we have yearly audits to ensure we’re continuing to follow the standards set by FSC.

Look for the logo

FSC paper is a global system showing that papers came from a sustainable source. It gives consumers an easily identifiable logo on paper products so that you know the paper has been made from trees that were responsibly sourced and managed. When anything is labelled with an FSC certification, it refers to the source of that particular product. There are a number of different logos used with corresponding text and numbers depending on the type of product.

KNP | FSC logos

So, hopefully that’s helped you understand a bit more about the importance of FSC certification, and you know you can rest assured that working with us as your print partner is one more positive step towards helping you minimise your own impact on the environment.

Or if anything you’ve just read has raised a question or two, we’d be delighted to answer them for you. Just give us a shout.


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