Strengthening our commitment to the environment and sustainable print, we’ve joined forces with print and paper advocacy group, Two Sides. It’s something we’re really excited about. In a press release supporting the partnership, here’s what our Director of Sales Graham Taylor has to say:

“We’re delighted KNP are now a member of Two Sides. We know what we do and what our customers do impacts on the environment. And that’s a responsibility we take seriously. Which is why we’re always considering the impact of our actions – whether that’s the raw materials we use, the suppliers we work with, or our energy sources. We constantly seek greener solutions that minimise our impact and that of our customers. Joining Two Sides now gives us a number of new ways we can communicate to our customers just how sustainable print as a communications method really is.”

For over 30 years we’ve poured our passion and commitment into helping our clients meet their marketing and literature needs through the right sustainable print and mailing solutions. Using the latest industry leading kit, tools and resources, we make sure we deliver excellence for their customers. And over the last 10-15 years that’s increasingly been through lower energy equipment, less harmful materials and environmentally conscious processes.

Sustainable print

As a result, everything is produced sustainably from our carbon neutral home. We have 600 rooftop solar panels powering our entire building. We’re FSC certified and our paper is sourced from FSC managed forests that adhere to strict environmental standards. All printing plates, toners & lamination waste are recycled, and we only use vegetable-based inks. You can find out more on all of this here.

By joining Two Sides, we’ve now got access to a large library of co-brandable communications tools, consumer research, industry-leading information, sustainability advice, and events. All of this can help us continue to promote how we work. Print and paper truly is a sustainable solution to many business needs.

We’re pleased about coming together with Two Sides and they are too:

“We’re pleased to welcome KNP Litho on board as members of Two Sides. Our partnership with them perfectly aligns to their ethos for sustainable print and mailing solutions and, as such, will result in the great environmental story that print and paper has to tell, reaching many brands and consumers. It’s always a pleasure to welcome new members on board and we look forward to working with KNP Litho,” says Josh Birch, Campaign Manager of Two Sides UK.

What is Two Sides?

Two Sides is a not for profit, global initiative promoting the unique sustainable and attractive attributes of print, paper, and paper packaging. Two Sides’ members span the entire print, paper, and packaging value chain including forestry, pulp, paper, packaging, inks and chemicals, finishing, publishing, printing, envelopes, and postal operators.

You can find out more information about Two Sides here.

We all need to think about everything we do, and there’s much more to being environmentally friendly than ‘going digital’ or ‘stopping printing’. Digital has its own environmental footprint. Just think of the electricity needed to send emails, power digital advertsing. And the water needed to cool all those huge servers. It’s something we’ll be exploring in more detail soon.

Until then, talk to us about sustainable print.