We’ve had a great week at KNP Towers. And the outstanding highlight was nothing to do with print jobs or new business wins. It was about local community, and kids.

We’re committed to the wider community we’re based in and it’s important for us to always give something back. This week saw our MD, Dave spend time at Trumpington Community College, Cambridge with kids between the ages of 11 – 13. He was there as a volunteer from local businesses who went it to help young kids begin to explore future careers, and make them more aware of the different kinds of opportunities out there.

The day was arranged by Suffolk Chamber of Commerce and Form the Future (thanks very much Cecile Freby). Days like these give kids the opportunity to understand the career experiences of others and help them start to make sense of what they might want their own careers to be. It gives them an insight into what different careers involve, and the skill sets required.

Today’s kids are tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, tomorrow’s captains of industry, and Dave cares strongly about helping young people develop and grow. So to be able to share his experience of over 30 years of successfully running businesses and helping to nurture future business talent was a genuine pleasure.

“It’s all about local community, and giving kids a chance. About helping them realise their potential and becoming the best they possibly can be. And I love doing my bit.”

It was a rewarding day for Dave who came into work buzzing afterwards. Hopefully the kids got as much out of it as he did!