Print has been around for centuries. From the very first printing press invented by Johannes Gutenberg in 1439, it’s endured (just the 580 years!). And it’s still innovating today, finding new ways to service the needs of businesses in today’s digital, tech driven world. It hooked me in at an early age and I’ve been in the industry for over 30 years now. It’s well and truly in my blood. That’s not going to change.

A craft needing skill and judgement.

My love for print started out because it’s an ‘industry‘ in the truest sense of the word. I was fascinated with the process and the techniques required. Skilled individuals need to understand every step of the process, take real care and pay close attention. You’re creating things that represent brands and convey messages. It’s a craft.

With less and less being made, actually made, using your hands, print is something special today. The sense of enjoyment I get when I see a beautifully produced piece of print is still as fresh now as it was when I set out. And as funny as this is going to sound, that comes from the fact that print is a truly interactive, engaging experience. It is. Those words used to talk about today’s modern, tech savvy digital world actually relate to print. Pick a piece of print up, feel it, read it, you’ll have a reaction.

Reach a targeted audience.

And d’you know what, one genuine advantage print still possesses is that it delivers cut through for businesses who use it effectively, and know it’s value as part of an integrated campaign. Or as a focused opportunity to get right in front of a targeted audience. It’s not something that adds to the clutter in your inbox, getting in the way of you doing your work. It’s something that helps you to take a second, to turn away from those screens we’re all slaves to. And to see what someone is saying to you. It delivers focused attention.

And if that message is delivered on high quality paper, finished beautifully, and the instant you pick it up it feels good, well. it’s a great feeling. You appreciate it. You engage with the brand right that’s in front of your eyes.

I love print. It’s going to continue to endure because it’ll keep evolving. And savvy people will always know how to use it to their benefit.

We’ll be here to help them. We’re here to help you now.

Dave Gibbons, MD.