Covid-19 has had the single, most significant impact on business and the economy in centuries. With the government now easing the economy out of lockdown, UK businesses and workplaces of all kinds are being asked to meet strict standards on social distancing and hygiene. Our updated range of PPE and safety products help businesses achieve that.

Throughout the pandemic we’ve continued to follow government and medical advice on public health, and help our customers, old and new, by delivering their print needs, but also by switching some of our production to PPE equipment and Covid19 safety materials.

Providing the products businesses need.

We’ve continued to respond to business needs, regularly updating our range of products by adding the right kind of materials that help create a safer environment for staff and customers alike. With PPE products and highly visible, clear, effective communication being vital to creating a safer environment, we offer a comprehensive range of over 50 products. The range includes PPE products:

  • anti-microbial free standing & fixed till screens,
  • anti-microbial face screens (made from 84% re-cycled plastic),
  • anti-microbial door openers,
  • anti-microbial push plates,
  • hand-sanitiser stations,
  • collection pods

And social distancing materials:

  • signage,
  • anti-slip floor graphics,
  • advice posters,
  • vinyls,
  • pull-up banners

All are designed with the intention of helping you keep your staff, your customers and your environment safe. And we know speed is critical. All our products are ready to go and available to order online now. You can find out more about all of them on our safety and protection site here. Once you’ve identified the products you need for your workplace, just place your order and you’ll receive your products within a matter of 2-3 days.

We can also re-brand several of our social distancing products to your own brand guidelines if needed. Just get in touch and we can sort that out for you.

For a safer workplace for your team and your customers, we’re here to help.