We only opened our midlands regional office close to East Midlands airport at the start of September (9th to be exact) but it’s already proved to have been the right decision for us to make. We’ve immediately had great success as we hoped. Our existing clients in the midlands and north have responded positively because they’re already seeing the benefits of us being closer to them. They’re getting a better level of service which is helping to build closer relationships and we’re already shaving time off jobs, which is a win for everyone.

And we’ve welcomed new clients on board as a direct result of the new office opening.

But there’s more…

Now we’ve got some more news we’re excited to share with you. With such great beginnings to life in our midlands regional office, the team is already expanding. As of today, Chris Chell has joined KNP to help us offer an even better service to our midlands and north clients.

Chris Chell in KNP midlands regional officeAnd here he is stood proudly (we think) next to the essence of what makes us, us.

Chris has shed loads (technical term) of experience having been in the print industry for over 20 years. Needless to say, he’s seen the dramatic changes that have taken place over that time. He’s always been dynamic in his approach to these changes, ensuring he offers clients the very best advice and the right solutions for them.


Never one to shy away from a challenge, what you see is what you get – a friendly, professional, honest and reliable chap. He’s happy to role his sleeves up and not afraid to get his hands dirty when needs must.

And we’re sure you’re going to be happy he’s joined us. He’ll be introducing himself to our clients, but if you want to get in first, call him on 01332 638804.