Meet the Team: Graham Taylor, Director of Sales

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We haven't done one of these in a while. So... let's Meet the Team shall we! And, drumroll please. The Team KNP member who drew the short straw this time is our Director of Sales Graham Taylor. Some say he's the gorgeous tasting filling in the KNP sandwich. Others say he's the favourite TV programme you can't get enough of

7 myths about paper – let’s start with a clean sheet!

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Let's put the record straight on all the myths about paper. Myths are everywhere, aren’t they? We seem to love them just as much today as we ever did. From your legend type myths like the good old Loch Ness monster and Bigfoot. To more day-to-day myths like ‘go outside with wet hair and you’ll catch a cold’ or ‘we

Magazines return to print – hold the front page!

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Magazines return to print Hey, guess what? Turns out we’re all looking for a bit of digital detox! Cool magazines from the worlds of music and fashion, retail catalogues and local newspapers that all moved online only are making a print comeback! Yep, they're bringing back the physical experience of engaging with something you hold, making paper part of the

Meet the Team: Ben Cox, Studio/Account Executive

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Lets do a bit of Meet the Team shall we! We've been quiet recently when it comes to shining a light on the wonderful people that make up Team KNP and it's about time we remedied that. So step forward out of the shadows Ben Cox, our new Studio/Account Executive. Want to know if he's a glorious bundle of joy

Ethical print & mailing business winners

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Here’s something we want to shout about. One, because we’re massively proud, and a good shout out makes everyone feel positive about their job doesn’t it. And two, because it’s something we think you’ll be interested to know about as it might help you with your business goals. So…. drum roll? Go on, why not! We’re chuffed to bits to

KNP acquire Ipswich-based Fuller Davies out of administration.

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We’ve got some more news for you about more exciting things taking shape at KNP. Technology moves at such pace these days. Business needs continue to evolve. And we know we can’t stand still. Because if we do, customers new or old won’t receive the best possible products and services. To make sure that doesn’t happen, we constantly look at

Sustainable print and mailing solutions: KNP join forces with Two Sides.

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Strengthening our commitment to the environment and sustainable print, we've joined forces with print and paper advocacy group, Two Sides. It's something we're really excited about. In a press release supporting the partnership, here's what our Director of Sales Graham Taylor has to say: “We’re delighted KNP are now a member of Two Sides. We know what we do and what

Pantone Colour of the Year 2023: Viva Magenta

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It’s here. As you’ll have no doubt guessed by the headline, The Pantone Colour Institute has officially announced the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2023. And it’s Viva Magenta. So are you ready to get bright and vibrant. Are you ready to tell everyone you’re at the cutting edge and on-trend. Or if that’s not quite you, are you

Print Vacancies – We’re Hiring

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We're hiring again. We've got print vacancies for two knock 'em dead star people. We're looking for them (you?) to come in and deliver the very best sustainable print for our clients. The print industry is resourceful and constantly evolving. Exciting new innovations are continually being introduced that push forward what's possible for clients. And we've been at the forefront

What does it mean to be an FSC® Certified Printer

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Our name’s KNP and we’re an FSC® certified printer (C155775). There, said it! As we’ve been on a 15 year journey to lower our environmental impact we haven’t done too much shouting about it (OK, we might have once or twice, but not as much as we should have done). But we’re extremely proud of what it means to be an

Meet the Team: Egle Burinskaite, Customer Services

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You ready? We know you are - it's what you've been waiting for. It's the next riveting instalment of that on/off blockbuster KNP series 'Meet the Team'. Some say it's as eagerly awaited as Love Island. Others say it's as compelling as Gogglebox. But all we know is, it's perfect with a quick cuppa and a Rich Tea! And who

New KNP Office in Midlands. Notts too bad at all!

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We’re in! We’ve just moved in to our new KNP office in the Midlands, Nottingham to be precise. And I must say, it’s looking pretty damn good to be honest. Located in Commerce Square in The Lace Market, the place is pretty cool, contemporary, and in a trendy part of the city. Where else would you expect a forward looking,

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